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Fraud and Insurance Surveillance
With such an increase in fraudulent claims being made, it is no wonder more and more corporate organisations are enlisting the help of our services. Billions of pounds are fraudulently claimed from personal injury, accidents and even time taken off work on sick leave from people making fictitious claims. We provide suitable evidence to assist you and your organisation with taking the appropriate action.

Employee Integrity
Trust and honesty issues can be a significant problem as far as an employer is concerned. Dishonest Field Sales Staff, Directors or even long term absentees are often just a few of the assignments we undertake in order to save you time and money. Whether it is a vehicle you require tracking discreetly in "realtime" or if you need evidence of "Moonlighting" we are here to assist.

Child Protection Services
Surveillance can be carried out on children as part of an ongoing, or up and coming court case, in order to provide supporting evidence of abuse, unattended minors, or parents breaking a court order that restricts their visitation rights. Other examples include surveillance on teenagers for anxious or concerned parents.



We offer a sympathetic approach to all investigation and surveillance cases, especially when it comes to children or matrimonial issues. You may suspect your partner is having an affair and you simply want closure so that you can continue with your life. Either way, we are here to help ease your worries and assist in providing evidence of your suspicions


Our service includes detailed reporting, video and photographic evidence to assist you either for personal, corporate or legal matters

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